Phyllis V. Schlemmer was an internationally known psychic, medium, astrologer, and healer. Her family background includes mediums and healers on both of her parents' sides. Phyllis showed the first signs of her remarkable psychic abilities at the age of five. She was a deep trance medium / transceiver with no memory of what transpired.

Phyllis' book, The Only Planet of Choice, has been widely acknowledged as one of the most significant books of our time. Many of those thousands who have already read it, have spoken of the profound effect is has already had on their lives. This book represents the outcome of over twenty years of her work with her colleagues Dr. Andrija Puharich (discover of Uri Geller) and Sir John Whitmore of England, as well as many other distinguished scientists, scholars and theologians.

Author Phyllis V. Schlemmer

The Only Planet of Choice is based on the communications transceived through Phyllis' deep-trance work from an enlightened circle of universal beings known as "The Nine". The international research group also had among them the "Star-Trek" creator: Gene Roddenberry. When Roddenberry asked them where they came from, their answer was "the zone you call cold in Deep Space". Does "Deep Space Nine", the hugely popular television sequel to "Star-Trek", sound familiar?

As a pioneer in the field of psychic sciences, she has lectured and presented workshops at universities and civic organizations throughout the United States, Europe and Israel. She also pioneered a series on the psychic, "The World Around Us" for U.S. television. The aim of the program was to take a common sense approach, taking the occult 'secret' out of the psychic. She also created "Phyl-O-Scope", an astrological summary for the twelve sun signs, which once aired on radio and television daily.

Phyllis founded and directed Parapsychic Research Foundation in Florida and Israel. She also founded the first astrology school chartered by the State of Florida, as well as the first licensed psychic center. Her center was the home for classes in psychic development, mediumship, extra-sensory perception, telepathy, meditation and healing. The center was constantly consulted by business and civic leaders from all parts of Florida and other parts of the United States for advice. She was instrumental in locating oil and natural gas, and also precious metals for mining corporations. She has worked with law enforcement agencies locating missing persons.

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